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It's another new year and I'm back this time playing as WARLORD . For those that know me, my tank is Atlas Rline last year. Usually I'll be around from 12 to 8 so catch me if you can and come get me!

- Posted by WARLORD OHW


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MOAR TOURNEY FKS PLZ Never posted a message here before ever. This is my 3rd tourneys since ive started playing dec 15 2022. . im not used to the pace in the tourneys. last 3 ive got to sarge and get raided hard. even in normal play still learning only get to leftenient. Moderators/Administrators can go check for past 3 weeks ive been putting in the hours still learning ... sincerely from South Africa ... RockSteady

- Posted by R0ckSteady