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All these scared little girls hiding behind random tanks .

- Posted by i AiNT GOT TiME 2DAY


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Weapon Omega ,
In other words, do like twiz does or you're wrong. Only a self-centered moron would sit by and watch 4 others rank and then haphazardly think you had some grandiose revelation knowledge. "You know what oh great and wise self? It'd be an excellent strategy to sit a rank lower and snipe lts all match." Dude is sad tbh. Could write an entire book on that clown. "Twiz the Cowardly Dog" Put some hair on them micro kahonas and man up, Sissy boy.

- Posted by SiSSYGaZMs

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Twiz, that neurotic response really validates my point. Can we also stop calling it a trick? There's nothing clever or tactical about it. We understand you're insecure about your bronzes outweighing your silver and golds by a long shot that you need to resort to a handicap.

- Posted by Oust

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Weapon Omega ,
lol. you tell them twiz. these noobs aren't good with strategy games. i wouldn't be shocked if these ghost tanks are made by the same person that cried about me doing it last year. "dRiNkiNg tHe tEArS oF mY eNeMieS WiTh tHiS gOld cUp i wOn YAY!"