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Grapeshot ,
Ah bummer man, sorry to hear that. I didn't even see him on my screen so I assumed it was a scoped shot. Good luck chasing Acts of God. I may try it later this year, we'll see...Pretty pointless right now considering the times I am able to play and map activity.

- Posted by Megatron


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Medicine Bow ,
Sheesh, I've heard of bringing a knife to a gunfight, but a bow and arrow? Come on man. Who are you trying to be? Cupid? Peter Pan? Robinhood? Hawkeye? The Green Archer? Rambo? This is Mouse, Moose's little brother so you better back off. Besides, your quiver looks half full. Or is it a satchel?

- Posted by Mouse


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So you admit that I live somewhere? And by saying I'm 40 years old, you admit that I'm mature? 2 wins for me. Quit crying like these other beta males on the bulletin. SW don't even like you TWIZ. Anything you have to say in response is just cope. Admit you lose, loser.

- Posted by itspie

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Flawless Victory ,
That's just ignorant. I've never had a cup removed. I've never cheated for a single cup since 1997. I've retired from this game maybe twice?
I sure hope you weren't 'Secrets of Success' who just died in the last second to screw 31G out of a bronze. If you're not him, which I guarantee you won't admit... you play like him... a scrub dodging shots, sniping, serg tricking for 40 minutes and still being 4th in points. That's the definition of TwIzTiD/Megatron

- Posted by Dead Opps

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best fill in map early fk, dodging me all tourney when I was trying to make up for a garbage fill feeding the fake 31g pts for bronze looks like no gold for you or bronze for him. like you rejects never sit serg when you dont get your 5min fills rofl get rekt YW Mr. William

- Posted by Secret of My Success

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Flawless Victory ,
Also, i'm not on any discord or trash that i'm sure the FK to NOW WE ARE FREE was coordinated on. I've been gone from this game for 12+ years until about a 1-1/2 yrs ago.
Get with SW or whoever runs this game and have them bring all this 'trash' to light. You won't find a crumb.
You live on this game, you're not missing a tournament. Go ahead and come out with who you played as in this last tournament. As you would say, it was 'light work' for me.

- Posted by Dead Opps