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Enjoy it. Cheapest kill in tp history. And I can promise you'll never kill me again. You must've entered the map laying on top of your space bar. You didn't even have time to aim. I clicked a fuel before you even entered the game, and you shot me literally a millisecond after that flaming orange tank landed on screen. The activity feed didn't even show you entering until your duals were in the air. Enjoy the single star loser. Expect full disrespect from me from now on.

- Posted by Grapeshot

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Flawless Victory ,
He didn't even scope. He entered basically while firing. You turn skipped me soon as I clicked a fuel and double shot me, he enters and fires and I'm dead. 1st death on that tank. Huge point bank erased. Was using that tank to track pts to Acts of God. now I can only guess where that will be whenever I pass him. LAME

- Posted by Grapeshot

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donny boy,
Yes, yes I perfectly timed his shield counter with 5 other people shooting him for the kill, I'm a genius. Yes, if the highest rank in the map is a LT I am going to chase them instead of shooting bots. Anymore questions? Glad I could clear those up for you, donny.

- Posted by Megatron


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Moose ,
I don’t know how playing 2 to 3 hours a day shooting bots could possibly be any fun but hey you do you bud. I’ll leave you alone to your empty map.

- Posted by Medicine Bow

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Moose ,
Explains why you leave as soon as I enter. I can't even drop a whatever fast enough (b/c you leave predictably) before you jam your finger into the "Q" button. Poor thing probably has a dent in it. Wish you'd stay in map and shoot me. Im not trying to kill you lol. I just want a human to shoot at. Bots are lame.

- Posted by Grapeshot


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donny boy aka itscake , stop living on the BB you scrub. definitely greasier than one hit u 40 year old 🍕 face looking scrub that can't get laid.

- Posted by fatboycake