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LOL tom is better than GeneralSick ! Fun fact, my name is made in regards to Gensick being bullied while using a urinal in middle school and now can't use the bathroom around other people. Also paying homage to the black guy who knocked him out with a locker lock.

- Posted by Gensicks Black Bully

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The saddest thing about Modest Mole is not the glazed over beady eyes, nor the receding hairline he covers with a middle school hair cut, nor the fact he didn't go to college despite being a native (they get paid to go lmao), nor alcoholism, but the fact that Bluntz Avengers team that disbanded in 1 month has more players in the top 10 for 2021 than his whole Animal team. Shout out Iron Man

- Posted by Tankpit Newsletter

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Sigma , No one cares about your sob story. If you truly are Sigma then no one should have sympathy for you. Especially since you preached from a soapbox for so long and then resorted to dying down in tournaments multiple times, got caught, deleted your tanks and come back as a try hard edgelord who just screams of mental deficiencies. You cant blame the community for your lack of a backbone. You should have stayed the path of the legit, instead you made a public mockery of yourself.

- Posted by Facts on Wax

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...and now you want to scream these baseless claims of fixing the community. Once again acting like you're some high and mighty do-gooder who cares more for people patting you on the back than actually doing anything for the community or its game. And you still got caught dying in tournaments again recently. You belong on medications more than you do being anywhere close to "fixing a community." I scoped those tournaments, good job winning in 13 or less man tournaments tho LOL.

- Posted by Facts on Wax


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Trying to play this game on an iPad Pro but it's very glitchy any tips besides get a tablet?

- Posted by RuFfIaN


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Wokey got a cup

- Posted by 2 trailer park girls

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Im back!!!!!
Who he???? The original B.G.
BuBBa Gump

- Posted by I-GENGHIS KHAN