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FIRE Oh noble and mighty FIRE, I am humbly requesting permission to join you in battle as a member of the heroic Elementals. I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you in battle as we together preserve the lives of all our orange allies. May we die well, with courage, and honor. May our bullets be endowed with power to cause our enemies to quiver at the sight of one. And may our cows and goats milk at once and our buckets overflow with honey. I'll await your answer, my good Sir.

- Posted by SPIRIT


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Technically i spent a pretty fair amount of time in main 59 days ago 🍆
Also MAGNA-DOODLE was the last tourny I won in so I have tenure...
Soapbox my nuts kid

- Posted by MAGNA-DOODLE

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Insidious My apologies to you. Im sorry I got deactivated. I ported to a screen almost insuff with shields on, scanned fuel and clicked to drive. Soon as I clicked to drive, I turned shields off not considering the fact aquapolis chased me and landed on screen and planted mines before my drive ever began. As soon as I hit his mine I pressed shields back on but they never responded. And he got me. Ignorant on my part.

- Posted by SPIRIT

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I don't know how someone can land and plant mines after I clicked a tile to drive to. And my drive didn't happen first. I get being turned skipped especially on a busy screen, but double skipped?? it was just me on screen and clicked to drive. He lands and mines and boom I'm dead after driving into a mine. How'd my drive not happen first? Anyway my bad. I'll play less risky from now on.

- Posted by SPIRIT

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12 minute fill with no real chance to catch the early fillers. One shot off the guaranteed death on Sir SOLID and Helms. Almost left for the lack of caring to put in a serious effort for a pph pass, wind up absolutely DUNKING on SPIRIT. LOL

- Posted by AQUAPOLIS