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Grapeshot ,
That was the unluckiest thing I’ve ever seen lol. He entered the game exactly where we were fighting and took one scoped shot during our PPH and we just happened to be last shade. I would have died if he shot at me instead of you.
I don’t know who he is he’s trolled me on that orange cap for quite a few sessions. Definitely wasn't planned bud, that'd be tough to coordinate even on discord, and it resulted in me losing my pph partner.

- Posted by Megatron

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Grapeshot , Get Wrecked Nubbie!



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Medicine Bow
Activity in Tankpit. I play 2-3 hours a day with no one
else in the game. I prefer not to get involved in PPH with other tanks thats why i leave. So if you leave me alone I won't leave the game.

- Posted by Moose


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Nemesis Prime ,
You did serg trick over and over. You did get a lucky kill. Are you saying that you knew the guys shield counter and varied your fire rate perfectly down to the millisecond to skip ahead or fall behind the shot order of the other 5 players shooting him? A little humility goes a long way. You are desparate for points when you chase sergs and lieu’s around and spam refresh the map hours a day just like you were done replying a week ago 🤣

- Posted by donny boy

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Yea you probably should be done here before you get really embarrassed. Maybe run off and retire again for the 12th time. 17-3 lmao. You could be 1000-3, thing is the entire community knows you’ve cheated, scammed, AND had cups removed.
Any legit player, regardless of team or clique all KNOW, that’s what makes it so funny! In the entire time I’ve been back not one legit player has recognized your cups. They're all suspect due to your trash reputation and history.

- Posted by Megatron