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- Sun Spots - lol considering you thought that was me im living rent free in that broke head of yours rofl try again btw jake is asking for his 10 bucks back :):):):):)

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It’s gone and swirled down the drain and us, we, are all that’s left… the dregs….

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0 Growth Potential ,
Shutup, you cry too much.

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- Sun Spots - ,
Funny how you've "quit playing" yet lurk around the bb. Can't be bothered to spend time in main yet you're still around. Screams troll to me tbh. There's not some secret group of 20+ players who die in tournaments. It's the same 3-4. And you each have your own speed and play styles. I've shot with everyone who plays this game. Your just as easy to spot as everyone else. Say w/e you like but I know the truth, and so do you. Hence your deflection to my skills. W/e lol

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- Sun Spots - ,
I hope you made the most of your spot light, or atleast feel like you've accomplished something. I've got no more time to give to a troll and an idiot in denial.

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