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I've actually killed him 1v1 more times than I've ran him off. He loves to come in and troll, and he habitually marathons to his fuel bases. He's inherently fat by nature and because he can't run in real life he compulsively runs in game. Ultimately he quits out low or cheats the combat timer. He gets clapped everytime he stays and fights and he knows that, so that's why he's easy to run off.

- Posted by artisan

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Flawless Victory I have a real hard time believing that wasn't planned. How does a guy pop up on my screen and shoots and kills me as he enters the game? And he quits back out before i can even reenter? Enjoy your single star on your troll tank loser.

- Posted by Grapeshot


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Moose Good job leaving literally the second anyone enters the map. You’re doing wonders for activity. Keep up the good work!

- Posted by Medicine Bow

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Doc Holiday ,
Yea dudes insane. If I had a dollar for every time he's contradicted himself, I'd be able to afford all the cheated cups nachos deleted from rocks account. Or maybe even a really nice sledge hammer to be able to pound this final nail into the coffin. Lefty hates being treated the way he treats others. He's blown up twizs and your bros DMS anytime I'd give it back to him, and I'm the cry baby? Lol

- Posted by artisan

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Doc Holiday ,
That whole several months long war me and him had last year was over me shooting him exactly the same way he'd shoot with me. You know, minus the doubling and tripling my shots.. but I'd be with twiz 1v1, here comes lefty(still purp). Grabs all eq on screen, locks in on me as I alternate shots.. eventually have enough so swap to just lefty and boom he flips out, mines, throws on homers, spams chat... But I'm the nail in the coffin 😂 he's so soft.

- Posted by artisan

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What is Serg tricking?

- Posted by Goddess


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Field Trip
Congrats on the cup ,Happy Hiking

- Posted by ZPACKS

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**Wins Gold sergeant tricking**
"Oh you can only sergeant trick"
**Wins Gold with a 9 minute fill and instantly promoting to LT, then makes CAPT**
" lucky kills"
**Goes 5/5 for the month, winning via pph and kills**
"'re a noob"
**42% Cup Percentage**
" are desperate for points in main map"
What it's like arguing with idiots on the BB LMAO

- Posted by Megatron

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Jotunheim ,
Lol, i'm 17-3 against you and your cups goon. Most of those I just looked through, I didn't even play in. Take those L's Mr. "Light work".
The fact of the matter is, you're not a god... stop acting like it. Humble up. This game is practically dead and this talk about '5 for 5' in 6 man tournaments is laughable. There are too many variables involved.
inb4 "REVEAL" One day... and you won't be surprised by it clown. Keep firing away, i'm done here.

- Posted by QUIT TRICKN