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@Facts on Wax
I have to say, I agree with everything you've said. There is a marked difference between his indiscriminate and aimless toxicity towards all comers and singling out players to call out based on their following the golden rules of fair give and take. Based on his bulletin posts and nothing else (I'm one holding the game at arm's length), I'm not sure where this formerly harmless poindexter's head is at. FWIW assuming Sigma is JamesChen here

- Posted by Anon

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Merry Christmas TankPit!

- Posted by Texan214

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Facts on Wax lol owned badly stay crying you has been. maybe next time take responsibility for when you lose, loser

James Ziqing Chen, PhD.
October Cup Champion
#5 2021
Over $100K per year
4-5 inches
180 IQ

- Posted by JamesChen

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Modest Mole Serious lacking of leadership, integrity, and charisma.

What happened to your failure animal team? All this cope about 2022, you couldn't even get your team to play in 2021, much less keep anyone who joined your filthy discord around. Destroyed activity for all of us.

Enjoy having your 1 month of play in 2022 just so your whole trash team flakes on you again. At least you can run stupid contests for awards and to quell your guilt idiot.

- Posted by JamesChen


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You're right they're dirty rotten scoundrels
Let's see if we can't take revenge and give the power back to the people that truly deserve it
Pretty sure they're on X9

- Posted by Dirty Scoundrels

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Silence ,
Nobody has X5 anymore. Everyone is running on site and that's the only way it works. What you experienced was just lag and a trick some people use to people who have crappy LAT.

- Posted by ImHereToMakeYouCry