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artisan quit mentioning one hit u could never run him of so quit sying his name for the last time you're a low tier noob scrub

- Posted by noob


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La donna e mobile ,
Same repeat response? "I didn't read your explanation it doesn't count" Who lives in fairy tale land? You refuse to talk to me you're a coward but I'll ignore everything you say anyway LOL Speaking of cowards...I don't recall seeing you take a raid since I started this game but you're quick to jump in on people. Who got trolled back AFTER they trolled and hasn't played since? See ya on the field bud! You'll receive what you give.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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artisan ,
Dude is incapable of being at fault. He's ignored every player for the last 2 weeks just shot his bots but he comes in trolls clima then dh broncos then me. Dude literally made "warmongersvag" comes in stealing eq and blocking shots then swaps to 2v1 me until broncos quit. Comes back in shooting bots and gets mad I chased him til he quit and raged in my brothers DM's while coming in on tank names trash talking. Tags me here fri*sat hasn't played since and I'm the crybaby lol

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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artisan ,
Serious mental issues indeed. Along with most of the community which is why I don't use discord and I already knew how he was which is why I never added him because talking to lefty is basically him ignoring everything you say while he tries to find anyway possible to tell you how great he is and how he's been there done that. Should see all the crying he did over tourneys last year. He can do whatever he wants and say what he wants but if you do it he'll condemn you.

- Posted by Doc Holiday


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Field Trip You're welcome for that fuel jack lol. Grats on silver. As for battlezone.... can we please ban this guy? he dies every time. He was 4th armored the other tournament and quit out and came back in as battlezone and died in that one as well. The fks are old and killing the tournament activity. @admin

- Posted by Logic

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Donny, you probably didn’t even cup, trickn, you died! You would’ve loved to knock me down to silver? Cool well let’s talk about what actually happened not fantasy land. You lost because of bad play.
I’m sure I’ve crushed you both in numerous tournaments so you need to sit there behind your fake accounts and throw every excuse in the book out “lucky kills, sergeant tricking, etc” take these Ls cowards.

- Posted by Jotunheim