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OhW the KingSlayer,
I'm literally dying over here with the sheer delight that I still own space rent free in your head....
The "dum dum" bit was a nice touch!
Happy tankpitting dork

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Who's your daddy?

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my guy, you can say whatever you want but im pretty sure ive taken away like 6 different planned fks. Watch your map my guy. Pay attention to when the mob switches to chasing one of the known fks. Congrats, you can drop a lot of points while 1v1ing. Good for you. That doesnt take all that much "skill" though. I can do it just as easily. But losing out on a cup of getting a bronze for the effort..... is actually stupid. Start going for these fks and stop complaining. We grown.

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It ain't got jack to do with being a fruitpop glorywhore. You all but admitted to it in your little discord. It's sewer rats like you who have baztardized the fairness and fun of tournaments. Can't beat them so cheat them, right? I mean whatever idiot. You have never been relevant and are at best known as a troll and a psychopath who had a meltdown. And there is no "picking targets" in a 5 man, especially when the kill is prearranged, or 75% likely to be same color as you.

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My feelings from 5 years ago are relevant to you? funny because you have no clue who i actually am, yet your guilty conscience is placing us both 5 years in the past. here's your rebuttal, 👉🍩 keep it in your arse and off the keyboard

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