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Hey guys,
Long time no see, I know.
Keeping up with the topic at hand that EPICSPIDERHACKCHEAT and GeneralSick brought up; I don't believe this game is dead and there is a passive community waiting for it to flourish once more. It seems like over the past 2 years there's been a brutal war fought by a faction of the active players here today...

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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Sigma still going nuts over the moderation of a discord channel like a year later... the lady doth protest too much methinks

- Posted by Anon

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Saying this war has had negative impacts for the game and community as a whole is an understatement and is defiantly hindering what possible growth. TP bulletin board is always been known to be hot, but I mean seriously, looking at the weekly noise and pointless insults just makes me sigh at what could be.
We've really focused on this discord thing for so long now I question is it even worth saving (an official TP discord) for now?

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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It goes without saying most, if not all players here would love to see the player base grow. We talk about ad campaigns and making videos, which is great but let's remember our roots: Bonus
BF was a great game but it was Bonus that pumped it's growth passively and introduced so many here today to the game years ago. If this game could get hosted on a few of the modern online gaming sites we can grow again. *I'm really hoping a DEV sees this*

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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Looking at what we've already got with Kongregate I've noticed the game isn't currently running to which Globe Daddy points out in the comments. Three operational websites like this would give this game new life.
I'll finish by raising my glass to what was, and what might lay ahead for this community. It can be saved if TP's best come together and focus on growth not trashing each other.
Recessions are great for video games to grow.
Cheers. 🍻

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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August 22 Tournament had 5 PLAYERS lmaoooo

Unheard of. Call this the "Chen Effect"

CoL Oni GeneralSick what do you have to say? Are you proud? Lmaoooooooooo

Curse of Chen

- Posted by Top Ranked Killer

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Cowardly Chen strikes again. He likes to talk a big game but he is actually the last person you will ever see fight or pph. He has been clocked at record marathon pace to escape a 2v1 and constantly changes color to hide from a fight. He tries his best to blame others when in fact he is the primary reason people dont play this game. Maybe someday he will grow up but until then keep your eye out for this coward.

- Posted by CHEN is a Coward