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Don't mind me... just a nail in the coffin hanging out in the bb waiting on something to cry about.

- Posted by artisan


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Doc Holiday ,
That's nothing... you should see what he raged about me about. Even said I was worse than ohw, and accused me of being voltaic. Which if im not mistaken he's accused you of being voltaic as well. Dude has serious mental issues. Birds of a feather

- Posted by artisan

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Doc Holiday ,
Yeah i was accused of killing the game because i ran off ohw. And wouldn't sit gen with lefty sitting capt tryna pad that lead on clima. So he results to mining me and blowing up someone else's dms about me. Im the dude thats probably taken the most raids from all the noobs/ color flips in the last 12 months and rustied a tank in 6 months as well as shinered a tank the 6 months prior, along with a shiner and batty on an entirely different tank. But im killing the game lmao

- Posted by artisan

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Doc Holiday ,
You are a crybaby hypocrite whom I'm not sure has ever based any argument in reality. And a coward. Definitely not a bear. Not sure what you are talking about. Can never seem to finish reading a paragraph you write because of the horrid stench of BS. Carry on living in your own fantasy in which you are the hero. Disney Princess Gregerella. *Salutes*

- Posted by Scourge


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Jotunheim ,
bragging about a lucky kill on an obvious troll while in 4th place and 3rd on points when you had a better fill than both the players ahead of you. 2 people made "light work" of your pph when you weren't sitting serg. As desperate to prove yourself to people that don't like you as you are for points in main map. Tell us more about your awesome "strategy" not even on screen for the other two kills still couldn't break 3rd. Luck ≠ skill but you keep telling us while not replying.

- Posted by donny boy

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Jotunheim ,
Yeah I got caught in a bad spot. Oh well. it's really a shame. I would've loved to get a kill to knock you to silver.
Quit bragging on that gold considering you were 3rd in points and lucked out on a kill as you typically do. You're either 3rd in points and make captain for a gold, or serg trick your way like a pan-z for the most part.
While you're a good player, you're not as special as you think. Not now, and not back in the day in my opinion. Get off your high horse.

- Posted by QUIT TRICKN