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Let us pray for the lost returning and established PLAYERS in the last month and half over the dysfunctional and corrupt conduct of TPHQ. GoodWillWin R E D - D A W N micool Cydonia ArchangeL UrieL ENDURANCE and many others.

Adam, in a drunken stupor let it slip that he is only focused on preserving his friendships in that channel rather than promoting the game. The contests he has is a cope to quell his guilty soul. In a way, in a way he is worse than Gensick

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Adam fakes that he cares about the game where he really cares about TJ, Matt (seizure, generic), and Pack. The same 3 guys that make people leave the toxic chat.

All I did was insult the non players, hoping to get them to leave like I made Gensick and Pack leave. For Adam, he wants to just keep his friends around to feel less lonely when intoxicated. Gensick only wants to feel like he has friends and a degree of value.

No one really likes Adam, they just use him. lmao.

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Hey guys, I am going to get a degree in science to work low level labor job that you can learn with 6 weeks of training and act like I am smarter than I am with fetal alcohol syndrome

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