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my brothers keeper,
3x cups DELETED btw... the other 115 still stand. wonder who accounts for the 3-12 weekly deaths the last 6 months? Just another troll or someone salty they still getting stomped every tourney I play? or just ohw salty he gets rekt in main map by everyone while sitting on 3 accounts 6hrs a night at recruit and still can't cup. weren't you tourney banned for cheating? lol at least I'll post from my tank ;) cya in game

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Doc Holiday ,
I see you're a big fan either way so fyi I've been uploading tourneys consistently since July. If you'd like to learn something or see yourself getting rekt and join the offical fan club you can do so at youtube. com/playlist?list=PL_AGCwPiRGvlz0AQSV0JUZ1-qdSRmowPP
Just make sure you delete the spaces (in case your peanut brain can't sort that out on your own)

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Sir Sunwolf Can we please Get Meltdown up for a few weeks...... I know i haven't requested a map in a long time. Its sad not to see you on Discord anymore .

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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@ironhide Ironhide Skystalker and the rest of the Transformers ive seen playing . Keep it up . Yall looking goodFlawless Victory

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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Has there ever been discussion about livening this place up?
There has to be something we can do to draw people back in. Even tournaments are only 4-10 people now!

- Posted by blue-9