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Come in map troll both people trying to shoot run 1 off come in on this tank stealing my eq and blocking shots run off the other player. Come back in to shoot bots and expect not to get trolled back yes I screwed your bot shooting after you killed the map. The delusion and entitlement is the worst I've ever seen in any human with you lefty. The fact I made you rage enough to post BB 2 days in a row and blow up my brothers DMs because I won't talk to you is insane. Eye for an eye.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Literally you came in trolled clima, dh broncos, then me. I came back to shoot bots you came in and I trolled you back you have a mental breakdown in discord, in game and BB call me a hypocrite and coward because I don’t want to talk to someone incapable of being at fault or accountable for their actions. Seek professional mental health help. You’re not entitled to a conversation or anything else. You get what you give. I treat everyone how they treat me. No more no less.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Your options are grow up, get over it or keep crying. You don't get to treat players however you want and then demand how they treat you back. Holy entitlement. Only child home schooled? In fact, was it not you saying the game has too many complainers and THAT is what's killed activity LOL Not a peep from me, I just gave you back what you dished out. Cry more. Keep pushing me though lefty and I may just rusty that serg harassing you every chance I get ;-)

- Posted by Doc Holiday


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Flawless Victory ....u sure that's the last reply? safe to say ur definitely insane.

- Posted by definitely insane

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I know I played like a runny b$&@! But Glad none of the red tanks cupped. We all sucked. Not one ounce of teamwork. Lame!!!

- Posted by your corny tank name

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Oh no! But I thought I only knew how to sergeant trick or win with 5 min fills?
Well this certainly doesn’t fit the narrative. What sound logic could the haters use to explain this one? 5/5 for April Tournaments.

- Posted by Jotunheim

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Oh man that’s embarrassing

- Posted by Jotunheim

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Yes..... My "poor eq management" and "bouncing all over the map" got me a 42% cup percentage and multiple 130k+ tournaments…clearly I need a better strategy..
Maybe I should get my own personal sugar like some of these “legends” ? Or maybe you just have no idea what you're talking about?

- Posted by Megatron

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Old School ,
I had well over 112,000, however; I don't think sergeant tricking is always the most effective. There are a variety of factors to consider before deciding to sergeant trick such as map, amount of players, amount of players expected to die, amount of other players sergeant tricking, fill time, and amount of LTs.
Today would have been a poor tournament to sergeant trick in so I decided to instantly promote to LT, which was the correct play.

- Posted by Megatron