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decreaser ,
For someone professing this game is a way of life, most people would surmise you could at least @ the right tank with your idle threats. This is the guy you're looking for blastem . Best of luck in your endeavors you babbling baffoon!

- Posted by blastem

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That was a cheap shot, and we both know it. There's no skill involved in waiting until I'm pouring my champagne to deactivate me, and there's no honor in it either. Your lack of skill is more irritating than it is laughable. If you see me again on the battlefield, I suggest you roll away in the opposite direction.
You stink worse than a butt, and your stench angers the Gods.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo


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Is there a discord for TankPit?

- Posted by TimeToSuffer198

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Bobby Buffalo is that your goal to die in every tournament? Do us a favor and just stop playing until you learn how to play NOOB you need banned from playing tournaments.

- Posted by Smokescreen