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We've all quit and you still can't cup in 5 man tournaments fatso...
Not sure what you were talking about...I got a towel and was you that went on and on and on about not getting a towel which is kind of ironic because getting dirty towels from hotel rooms where you work is your passion in life.
Now get a life, get relevant and maybe someone will actually talk to you loser.

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Sorry MsJackson ,
Let's be real "real". Look at your cups homey. All caps no luts right? Let's talk about how you've killed commander for your last 2 cups, not to mention some other sus kills I've witnessed you receive. Hard to "go for them" if the kills are prearranged.
You couldn't hang with the pph, but I've noticed you've "adapted". Cupping with a slime ball strategy don't make you a winner tho.

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Sorry MsJackson ,
I could stoop to the level some of you have with your prearranged fks, and I promise you that no one would be getting gold anymore. But the point has never been "getting gold". For me it's always been best pph should be rewarded, especially in low turn outs. Not the luckiest rat who's trash but got a lucky homer, or the fk buddy system kaYNe, rock, coffee, icy, hays, pavan, ect have used. Should always be the best man wins. But whatever

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