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Math Magician What's your tiktok handle? i wanna check out the vids and like them and help your cause. Oh, and grats on the shiner btw

- Posted by artisan

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Math Magician
So playing 100 hours in practice, Mining the whole field with no competition in the map is gonna bring people here because of your tiktok?
Come on man show them what the game is about and not hide in a map with over 100 hours and noone to shoot but bots.
Ill be looking forward to seeing this so called tiktok!!!

- Posted by Dwight

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Finished mining Practice at midnight. Went to bed, was going to finish killing/spawning all the bots into a pen, and then videoing it this morning.
And log in and someone destroyed all that work. Congrats guys. 16 hours of mining this weekend.
However, as far as I know, it's only the 3rd time someone has mined an entire field. Castles (we were close, had like four screens left), Practice in 2014, and Practice in 2023...

- Posted by Math Magician