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This game though

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Hi this is James Chen
The secret ops department of the team
I was called upon to return to the field field in order to advance our goals of total annihilation of competing colors. Since my unexpected departure, Oranges have greatly grew in power and size where the formerly large power structures of the Red and Blue have greatly diminished. That being said, Reds and blues have been effective in mastering guerilla war tactics and have a few players which are a nuisance to our newly

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established regime. My duties will be running exclusive covert op missions in order to advance the interests of the Oranges, with a focus on the crime bosses team. Do not be alarmed as my tactics will be unorthordox.
I will ask all of you keep my activities and participation in this team private to not risk exposing the scope of the mission.
Tansformer / discord / bf-ut-tp
Smokescreen / Smokescreen numba 1 / BLUNTZ
Shockwave / Kacy / Battlefield-4
Scourge / Scourge / InYoUrLeFtEyE

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Ironhide / Megatron / black dragon
Starscream / Sherman / Sherman
Optimus Prime / josh / SavinRyann
Soundwave / Soundwave / piccolo
Skystalker / hustleTank
Devestator / DevaReturns / HurleY
Afterburner / Thundy 16 Chats / silientsnake1124
Skullcruncher / erock - tranny leader / erock
Highbrow / therock / the rock
Omega Supreme / baha / BaHaMuT
Barricade / Limited Edition / SoMeDaY
Headstrong / Headstrong / Ihrs33
Rhinox / csst / csst
Lockdown / Lockdown 23 Chats / Titanium

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throat / WhoShotMe / ARC ANGEL
Sideswipe / THE HIT MAN (Sideswipe) / THE HIT MAN
Bruticus / JBNY / JetBlackNewYear
Ironhide / berto8778 / Trunks
Leadfoot / Leadfoot / getchya
Heatwave / GhostMajor / Demonhunter5
Fastlane / Chewy Balla / Drederick Tatum
none / BreakThrew / Lucifer
none / $$ RICO $$ / Homer J Simpson
Jone Jones / josh
Tenacious turtle / alden
Ltk / brash bison

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Die early tourney, can come back in, otherwise lose
Raccoon post
Honestly, if gensick left, nobody would notice and much less care. When Chen is gone, everyone is always saying to free him or thinks every new member that joins is him. Many have left the chat because it is nothing but supreme commander ranting about stocks or politics to himself when he himself doesn't play TP. Really sad

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