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Ok seriously last response to a fake account...there are some really, really stupid people on this BB. Megadoublestandards. Go and read the definition of a "quote" and "paraphrasing". Then continue to stalk me on discord and take completely unrelated statements of mine out of context to try and make a point.
Sergeant tricking and free kills are two completely different things....lay off the drugs and sit the next few plays out champ. lmao

- Posted by Megatron

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really though, will there ever be a main map change? It makes it hard to want to contribute to the main map when it is alwayssssssss desert.

- Posted by Cracki3


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What's shakin'?

- Posted by VagmongersWAR


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So entertaining reading all the little haters comments behind their fake tanks. Played 4 tournaments in April, cupped all 4. Gold x1, silver x1, Bronze x2. Keep wearing your tinfoil hats in your outcast discord channels spinning conspiracy theories all day.
Cut way back on tournaments after March because every single one had your standard "sugar" dying, so keep thinking thinking i'm someone else, same with the BB; I dont post on fake tanks.

- Posted by Megatron

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Megadoublestandards,'re Smoll, I'm avg. But yea.. totally insane someone would want to sit sarg especially when that dude knows his goat carrying teammate is gonna have a nephew perfectly time his shields in a corner every chance he gets. It's almost as if he is intentionally banking on getting those sarg vs cap pts to make up for his bouncing all over the map and poor eq management. Dude's trying to inflate an ego with a .357 hole in it using only a bicycle pump. His arms must be tired.

- Posted by Megacringe

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Oh and it's pretty safe to assume who half of you rats throwing shade from fake accounts are but I really dont care. Love logging on to 5 BB notifications living in all your heads rent free.
Hard to take shots at a legit player, I understand. Still no replies on main tanks....hmm, could it be because you'd all look really foolish complaining about sergeant tricking, tournaments, and main? You're all delusional hypocrites.

- Posted by Megatron