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You boycotting tournaments is like pouring water on the ground while its raining, no one noticed you're gone. You remember rage quitting over not winning a towel?

- Posted by TOWEL

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6 players and a cap in a meltdown tournament....awful 😂

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So lets be real, you keep complaining about the fks in the tourneys..... Maybe go for them since they arent gonna stop. Trying to top the best pph for a bronze seems a little asinine when there is a better chance you get the final shot on a troll. No one is doing anything about it so just adapt lol.

- Posted by Sorry MsJackson

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You get screwed again? lol

- Posted by Sorry MsJackson

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Sorry Baptized. You got screwed out of a cup. It's shocking why nobody plays anymore with this type of f-ery all the time.
It was inevitable Sir solid was going to give a freebie.
Then you have My Commander coming in 15 minutes late sitting at recruit the first 50 minutes. Ranking to serg and dying in the final minute...