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Rachet, congrats on ruining a great tiktok. Trying to get a couple viral videos of this game to boost popularity, and you had to ruin it. congrats, you deserve this game dying

- Posted by Math Magician

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@Moose @2023 Nice kill on me, though I must admit I'm a bit sad @Megatron didn't get it for the rank up. Fun game of cat and mouse for that hour or so it lasted. At least when I'm cornered I take the L and don't quit like *ahem* certain orange tanks.

- Posted by god

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History Time:
In early 1999, karina was #1 in Appaloosa Land, Pete was #2, and Tiger was #3. Nobody else came close to the top 3, as those three had Rusty Swords and most of the rest of the top 10 had fairly new Battered Swords.
Then in July of 99, a blue tank, Hotshot, that could never get past captain, killed a lieutenant and promoted to major. People saw he was above every other major, he was #97, so a few strategic deaths later, and he was general, and #3!!!
Shocked everyone

- Posted by Math Magician