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Scourge of avgPP,
;) I made it as a joke and had a laugh all in good fun but probably offended someone. If I did he had it coming.

- Posted by Scourge of smollPP


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Hello everyone! Warmonger Doc Holiday

- Posted by WarmongersVAG


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Flawless Victory ,
No. Youre mistaken. The quotes simply indicate it was loosely your words a paraphrase but it wasn't about the kills. you conveniently left out the second half about how you don't mind getting beat legit but here you are sitting serg for half or more of every tourney you've played for the handful I've played the last few months. Who did you "do it better than"? You were literally the only ball-less rat who didn't rank to lieu and spent all tourney sniping.

- Posted by Megadoublestandards

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I'm average but I'll rank and take my shots and if I get to steal one of the sugars cool if not I'll be alright. With as many deaths as I’ve seen lately I’m surprised someone would be so desperate for a bronze cup they’d sit serg every tourney for a 1 in 10 chance at a gold or silver. Funny the biggest complainer has become the biggest offender 😂

- Posted by Megadoublestandards

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Flawless Victory ,
Congrats on the gold cup. I thought I had a good tournament considering everyone was so determined to chase the same two tanks and not try for points. I had 112,000 points if sitting serg got you 132,000 in that tournament I need to get some instruction videos or tutorials or something so I can improve for next time. I dont remember it being that effective. Is there some way you can see opponents total points now?

- Posted by Old School

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Flawless Victory ,
i take issue with your claim of being the best serg trickster. u barely cup half the time you do it so obviously you're a beer short of a 6pk on that thought. just because you don't reveal when you lose while serg tricking (because of the embarrassment) doesn't mean people aren't keeping track. you never beat me when we both do it so nice try. don't you also post on random noob tanks?!?! nuff said

- Posted by definitely insane

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Flawless Victory , PS put a death award on that tank. looking like noob rn with a rusty sword. your award set wouldnt make it more than a week if you had real competition in main map. the lack of competition has you believing in a false reality....

- Posted by definitely insane

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Carry my goat,
Good detective work sherlock. Yes, Lockdown is a transformer name....that doesn't mean I'm on the team genius. I kept the name because its a good one....they don't even play orange? ::Facepalms::

- Posted by hiddeN Agenda