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Roy Donk Hi there! Sorry if I killed you. I only remember getting 1 kill other than the computerized tanks. I killed a few of those, but I can only remember killing 1 other tank and it was like 10 seconds before the tournament ended lol. I was so excited!! Pretty sure I had top points and was sad when 4 others made captain. But it all worked out for me in the end <3

- Posted by KiNsLeY

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Attention TankPitters!
Man, 2023 has came in and already is 20 days deep!
So far @Moose is the overall #1, followed by @VooDoo at #2, @2023 at #3, @STEAMROLLER is #4, and #5 is @Roland_Deschain
The cides were the team the first week, but activity has fallen off quickly, and we are back to just the few regular tanks!
I have returned, this tank has existed since 2013, and yet I have yet to Shiny it! I am 1 hour away now, only took me 10 years!

- Posted by Math Magician