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hey greaseball-how does it feel to get pwned trying to play 3 tanks at once? too bad you had to focus all your energy on trying to desperately get a kill on Medicine Bow in a 2v1 gens to maj "raid". Nice try trying to operate screens with both hands and your small chody d*ck. So hungry for that kill you just gave up on marathoning Blue 3 and sat there with full shields while I destroyed you. Then you got all "big mad" for failing at your dumb 3 screens at once strategy.
Get a life, "LOSER"

- Posted by Boba Fett


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Flawless Victory ,
Fan club? lmao, you're way out of your league.
I pretty much have as many golds as you do cups clown. 95% would be gold with rank. Regardless of cup color, you've been behind me in almost all of them overall.
I'm sure you've seen me destroying you in the last few that you claim to "not play".
Who were you in this last tournament? I'll wait.

- Posted by Miracle

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Flawless Victory ,
Anyways... I'm done with the trash talk back and forth. Not my style.
Good luck to you. I'll be popping back in from time to time. I'll send them to you sometime if there's a way to reach you outside of this BB.
btw, can anyone confirm who the person is that keeps taking fk's from that atmosfear goon? Can we get a ban?
This last tournament was finally clean. GJ to 1 and 2.

- Posted by Miracle