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Xx-aLiCe-N-ChAiNs-xX ,
Just keep my name out your keyboard from now on. I will ignore you idiot.

- Posted by -LegioN-

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Flawless Victory , buzz off!

- Posted by Clam


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Next time you make a tank called ANDREW TATE how about you play like you have some balls. The Top G wouldn’t sgt trick for a bronze cup. You’re clearly a beta male. Pathetic


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Recoil , Ya i agree about the 31g rule lol. In fairness, i started trying to kill him soon as i filled eq, he managed to live until i made lt. Not my proudest cup. Hate those types of cups even exist. He had no business tryna fight with no eq. Anyway gg. I finished with 110k. Perks of sitting capt for 40 mins tho, i guess. Lol

- Posted by Las Vegas

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kaYNe ,
Yeah man, I’m not proud of the serg trick and honestly that’s the first time I’ve ever done it successfully haha.. But I had the longest fill in the map and 31g went down to the top lt as soon as I made serg. I knew I had to do some funny stuff if I wanted to win. I also ran outta duals the last minute, I found that capt and stuck to him like glue!

- Posted by William Bonney

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SPEAK OF THE DEVIL serg trick fail

- Posted by Sugar Crash