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Smokescreen ,
Great retort... what is it you 14 year old girls like to say? As if, or not uh? or my personal favorite, "i KNoW YOU ARE, BuT WHaT aM i?" ROFL how does my identity have any effect on what i said? "uhh i don't know you, and can't verify you sooooo it must be false". Go back to chewing on lightbulbs, and leave the whistleblowing for someone with integrity.

- Posted by Annoyed Bystander


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Shibumi , they weren’t up until today. But don’t play them unless you intend to live. We don’t need any more free cups given out by you and your friends. You shoot your own tanks and attempt to harass people on two accounts. Please just stop playing and delete your sad account.

- Posted by Rambling man

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Hey cockroach, I believe you mean:
"Rules, standards, respect and integrity? I don't see them"
GFY and find another funhouse ya fkin loser