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I remember playing this in '98. Really surprised to see it is running on the net in '23. :o

- Posted by Tria


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You smooth brains do realize not every tank in all caps is twiz right? X crying his eyes out over twiz playing serg for cheap points, yet asphyxi8 and his other tanks with the same theme is a constant serg trick player lmao. I do it once because I know how he plays to avoid him benefitting off of me, and I get all 3 shooting me every screen and driving all over the place cause the bot assb8 is too trash to handle a 2v1.

- Posted by BOLT THROWER

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twiz actually didn't play..heard that guy always reveals his cups...also heard he lives in your head and is an all around better player than you :). Of course we can only assume because you appear to be another keyboard warrior too scared to post on his main :). My last tournament was MACH 5, and...oh looks like I got gold in that one and made captain? But how can that be when I only serg trick and get silvers? Oof.....another swing and miss!

- Posted by Flawless Victory