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Grifter ,
Here we ago again cry baby. Nice evidence there... I see these in every one I play. Stop acting like it's something new. Is this how you get your DOTs? Reporting legit players and crying to the devs?
Devs, i welcome you to shadow me or 'monitor' me. I run a crappy i5 with a 50 ms ping. Cheating accusations are low, but i'll take this one as a compliment.
You think you're untouchable... you're not. You win some, you lose some. Take the loss like a man and st. fu.

- Posted by Sable

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Making good progress on the 2024 leaderboard.Btw, the pass from orange-3 to orange-1 is about 1000 points. You can do it, people

- Posted by venom

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Are we able to report cheaters likeDoc Holiday Anten Anten AsDf Anten Anten Anten Tyler Durden Cha0s The0ry somewhere? It's one thing to have 100 tanks on your account but to use multiple accounts at once seems pretty messed up. You wait around and if someone your color joins you watch their location pop up and bring in another account of a different color at the same time to their exact location. You don't even try to hide your constant cheating.

- Posted by Mooseknuckle

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Who is the Anten clown? Can't fight or pph w him cause he always all over the screen like he has Parkinsons. Just a troll?

- Posted by Anten Parkinsons