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Hmmm idk. I had more points than anyone and dominated that whole hour and still trying to figure out how I ended up with bronze.

- Posted by Swampwalk

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1993 ,
ROFL... that a serious question? Join the discord community homie. Link located on the download page.


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Ob Nixilis,
We suppose to be frens homie... How you gonna try to steal my bot kill at the end? We both on the same color team and both from the MTG world... unreal bro. lol it would have been funny if you did manage to block me from getting silver cup... nice try though lmao.
PS... only reason people rank up to lieutenant is because of those trolls that give out free kills so don't hate me for deploying a strategy that gives me an advantage when people 'choose' to rank up. JS

- Posted by Grand Architect

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Grand Architect
What a crummy and cheesey way to win a cup. You're so lucky I didn't get the kill on your last minute bot.Slippy and enjoy your gold cup. 2minuteWonder obviously came in late just to die. Hope I tagged the correct one, because there's 6 different tanks with this same exact name. "must've been a noob"...

- Posted by Ob Nixilis

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1993 I've noticed that too when Sergeants move to Lieutenants in tournaments at the last point in the game. If I had to guess it has to do with PPH. The rankings take an average over 24hrs on the main map and the Tournaments are just highest PPH bc it's just one hour.
Does anyone else have insight on this topic?

- Posted by FURY