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@carry my Carry my goat check out the profile kid. exactly, try again.
no point to prove but I see I live in your head rent free that you had to cut a pair to come speak on a random tank.
xD peace out

- Posted by MAGGI

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Carry my goat,
I'm whose teammate? You don't have any clue as to what you're talking about....but it does explain why you're on some throw away name, for fear of being called out when completely wrong. Idk what paint thinner you're huffing...might be sherwin williams, lowe's, home depot or a combination of the three, but whatever it yourself a favor and stop. I doubt you even know who I am.

- Posted by hiddeN Agenda

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Delusional ,
You going to sit serg every single tourney you play now? Coming from the guy who doesn't "mind losing legit 100x he just wants the FKs to stop" that's rich. When was your last non 25+min serg trick cup? Can you remember that far back? Didn't even have the balls to approach the mob at lieu just off shooting bots for the 5min you were actually lieu. How many times have you flamed people for serg tricking in discord or BB? Can you count that high?

- Posted by Megadoublestandards

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Chingo Shango,
I appreciate the advice, but I've actually got quite a bit of cups on my belt...this is just a fresh tank i'm playing for the new season that I'm trying to cup now. Still doesn't explain why the entire tournament ppl have been focusing on me...but because they chase me for MOST of the tournament, I manage to eventually get stuck somewhere and then die. By no means have my deaths ever been intentional and i stand on that.

- Posted by hiddeN Agenda

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I cupped once
Quit cheating....takes the fun and purpose out of it

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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the rock ,u so lame i cant stop laughing. save everyone the headaches and just buy the rest of your cups so you can hit 409. how many cups on that account from tanks you bought? more than 50? lol so what right? plus it seems the community would rather have you do that than group chat your sugars in tournaments. can you name one person on the top 25 cup count list that thinks you deserve that number 1 spot? rofl yup you got the same amount everyone was thinking.... yolo LMAO

- Posted by dont cry js