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- Posted by George Washington

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What happened to TP? We all used to be a group of players that loved the old bonus game. Now all I see on the boards is toxic players. Can't we just be glad this game still exists? As long as this service is hosted who cares about the tank color. Just be happy tank pit is still around.

- Posted by Texan214


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Enjoy orange, purple, and blue friends! See you on the fields

- Posted by George Washington


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Globe Daddy The only thing you rekt is your ego. And making captain from a lucky "pre-arranged" kill is the only way your getting a higher cup than me. Every time you serg trick, you're admitting to everyone that you're cheeks at pph. Work on your equipment management and maybe you wont fall off after the first 25-30 mins. LOL pretty pathetic for someone who would try and have everyone believe he's the greatest ever can't even be original enough to make his own tank names. Lol copycat

- Posted by Russian Roulette