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Cracki3 ,
Crackhead3, yet another person to provide me with some entertainment. Please, continue

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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31G ,
You have an impersonator 31G who is likely to play in the upcoming tournament and win it effortlessly. Of course people will think it's the original tank and will chase after blindly, until winning it top pph at the end. Mark my words.

- Posted by TP Leaks


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Well you aren't the rock either, nice try. Must be nice to have trans ready to go to bat for you at a moments notice.

- Posted by Carry my goat

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hiddeN Agenda ,
He's your teammate so I wouldn't act to surprised. Everyone knows how sonny rolls, especially the trans

- Posted by Carry my goat

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kaYNe ,
He dies to YOU every tournament. How terrible must your life be to create an alt alias and still play with the same old bag of tricks? Where's everyone at? oh the entire mob is top left, but where is therock? oh he's blowing his load on a guy bottom right 1v1 and magically kills a guy that'll marathon for 30 mins and not die otherwise. It's old dude, pack it up. Sale the Days Inn/Subway and move out of town.

- Posted by Carry my goat

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tedious fks smh,
There's a difference between an intentional free kill and a misplay. A free kill is.... kaYNe doing some pVp with a serg, and kills him 4 hits later. A misplay is... if multiple tanks shoots the other tank, they get low, got mined, and couldn't turn on armor shields on time. Then they die. That's not a free kill. Gosh the complaining is unreal on this forum.

- Posted by CoL XiangQi

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hiddeN Agenda
The advice I got when I struggled to cup was play on a tank with 0 awards until you figure it out.
Of course that was without perpetual cheats. I swear I still kick myself, my only chance to get a cup anymore would have been Valentine's day when nobody showed up.. And I was going to, but I decided nah, won't cup anyway, let's go out and try to have fun

- Posted by Chingo Shango