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Vibes of Cosmos 150+ cups and what, 130 deaths? so basically your as bad as you think you are good, all other times, you're barely average. i haven't been here a year yet and I can promise my win percentage is way higher than yours, and i dont need a crutch or fk to cup. Falsely accusing me of someone else doesn't make you quit being a clown. What idiots would have 3 separate tanks with over 1000 hours combined, and share all 3? You're borderline brain dead. Keep clowning tho Mr. Tinfoil Hat.

- Posted by artisan

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There is no short cut or secret to weight loss. Any good trainer will say the same thing, it is achieved through diet and exercise. Get outside and engage in some cardio activities. Excess body weight can cause lasting damage to the heart. In addition to exercise you should strive to have a balanced diet of meat, grains, fruit, and vegetables. Get active, put down the donuts and watch that gut melt away! Atlas Rline , you can do it big guy!

- Posted by One Huge Whale

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FYI that "Funny" is not me. It's an imposter. Chen hasn't played in a tourney or map in a while.

Didn't really read all the drama......the Ghost of Chen will continue to haunt whether I am around or not ;)

nobody knows.....

- Posted by Funny

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@The Kid, Great job taking that raid. I'm use to players without medals just quitting when they get attacked.

- Posted by Flys Eggs


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Vibes of Cosmos What's the benefit to ranking up to LT when no sugars around? Answer that before coming up with another straw man fallacy. oh and what was that about me not being good enough to cup without serg tricking...... 150+cups.... hbu?
Who needs benefits when you're good enough to make up from any deficits? Unlike you, You'll have a monster fill and fall off due to poor eq management while people like me close 10k gaps and smoke people like you. Keep clowning, moron

- Posted by artisan