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Sslump ,
What? Lol bluntz is not coffee dork lol

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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Pele Troll,
Yeah, who cares how many times someone plays a tank in tournaments??? Better than hiding it with new tank names every time.... I have 60+ cups and dont care about winning all the time. You have all kind of personal and mental issues you shouldnt take out on an old game. Grow up princess.

- Posted by Karahan Tepe

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Trying to get a specific cup on your tank is harder than just gunning for gold. Was throttling the pph game to fall back going for silver and had it almost set in stone until cancer dropped like a fly and complicated things. Passed Mortality back in the final 30 seconds, went back and forth a few shots and then my duals ran out. :(

- Posted by SUNLIFTER