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solar salt
As another fellow ashtrash dispatcher, thank you for the solid random laugh. That was gold. Cant believe he even replied. CRAZYYYYY
I wish when i came back this time everyone was still playing. I miss the raids and fights from back then. Maybe we can get everyone together for a whole day sometime soon just for old times sake,

- Posted by Cracki3

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- Titanium -
Oh look, someone else I get to deal with for a few days until they stop replying...

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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Ok, I will bite
I.dont the history that well here
Who is Chen and wthat did he do?

- Posted by orange-10


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kaYNe ,
If these dudes stop playing to die you'd be at 10% or less cup rate. 75% capt cup rate 😂 didn't you just kill ricky bobby last night on psycho maze? Wonder who he joined late for? Proceeded to send "whos your daddy" "don't cry" and "bye". You quit out thinking you had another free gold from an fk come back to a silver. Stop feigning concern and don't make them take the fall for your image when they already fall on the sword so you have a chance at cupping

- Posted by tedious fks smh

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kaYNe ,
It is NOT my fault the entire map comes after me in EVERY tournament i've been in to the point where it honestly doesn't make sense. how am i ever going to win if i stop playing?
Second, you should be the last one complaining when the tourny last night we played in had 5 people including us and you get the "early"(and very questionable) kill on Ricky Bobby who obviously died to you because he never engaged anyone and stayed recruit until you were ready for it.

- Posted by hiddeN Agenda

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kaYNe ,
Third, its not at all my fault you let your arrogance of getting such an early kill go to your head and not play the rest of tournament to see that i got jumped and killed in an un-radared section of the map with 0 help because i was the only blue player. Go fill on duals and shoot yourself twerp.

- Posted by hiddeN Agenda

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Carry my goat
FYI two of us were shooting Ricky Bobby... he dies every tournament.....
I just got lucky and got the kill.
Kinda figured Hidden agenda would die .. even in a 4 man tournament lmao... anyways... good job Detective Scrub.

- Posted by kaYNe

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kaYNe ,
....and ironically you die within the last minute of tonights tournament. Imagine dying with the same duals directed at me and others, yet you do the same. Step your game up bruh. :eyeroll emoji:

- Posted by hiddeN Agenda

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Carry my goat Try Again.. I'm not kayne

- Posted by MAGGI