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-LegioN- ,
Yeah he definitely just sat there. Both times too. Idk him though but I think anyone would’ve kept on shooting. That’s on him not me. I’ll switch up names so if he is purposely seeking me out he won’t know it’s me. Thanks for taking some tournaments off so I can win. :)

- Posted by DOUGH

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There will be a rock block tournament next Sunday at 7pm central time , bottom right if anyone is interested, please list your tank name , players will be added to list one at a time. If you witness two players going at it, then please retreat! Winners will be advanced to the next round one week later, until the majority of players are eliminated and only a few remain. There will be no prize, except for an ego boost and fun times. Please let me know if you are interested. Sonnys are not allowed.

- Posted by kaYNe


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-LegioN- ,
Who's your daddy?

- Posted by artisan

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KEEP FK MORElol Cute tank name -LegioN-
Don't be salty. I had fastest fill in the map and held 1st the entire time with the exception of smudge passing me a couple times when i refilled. I actually got 2 kills but not enough time to rank to maj because both kills were pretty late in the tourny. Fla-Fla-Foley died like an idiot and didnt radar the screen and drove into mines and in perfect line with my duals, lucky kill. Goddess, which if being honest is probably you, probably was a fk.

- Posted by -LegioN- Open Season

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KEEP FK MORElol but either way, i didn't need either kill to cup my new tank. So if I were you, i'd hone your skills, and quit coming at me (WiCkEd WaYz) on the BB. Loser

- Posted by -LegioN- Open Season

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WiCkEd WaYz ,
Thanks for taking the time to create that "Open Season" tank and cupping it gold lmao just shows how much of an interest you have and let alone the time in your hands. You are an idiot. Thanks

- Posted by -LegioN-

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-LegioN- Open Season Congrats on your win! Tournaments are hard. x.x

- Posted by Goddess