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Hi Boa how you going?
Any good plans for this nice arvo?

- Posted by hail Queensland


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Hi my names “Jeff” I made this tank in 2014 but you know I haven’t played a tourney in 9 years since making the account. Ya know since I can’t believe this game is still around and people are somewhat playing it. I’ve had 9 years to perfect my lies and bs I post on the bb as well as acting like I have no clue what I’m doing. Btw this is just one of the 8-10 accounts I share with 4 other people that give out kills for cups when 8 legit people currently play. Yall naive if you believe these clowns

- Posted by dead horse

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Not a troll, just a bad old player that sucks at tournaments, had some recent misses at cupping with throwaway tans but was really close, wanted to cup this tank and thought I was on the edge due to how close I've came recently. I honestly thought I had shields on, realized I didn't, went oh shit, and then bye. I was gonna run the shields down to 40, tele to fuel, refill on a nice stash of equipment I had found earlier, then come back and get more points.

- Posted by Goulak