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Jaskier oh boy the one dipstick that cried river about how people cheat and he doesn’t and doesn’t waste anybodys time and how he’s on a mission blah blah blahhhhhhhhhh u cheating bum don’t ever come back to this game or discord goodbye

- Posted by Jaskier the noob

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CoL Oni Empty container TheOldMan acre
Sorry i needed to quit out for literally 10 seconds to pull something out of the oven. My roast was done about an hour sooner than i was expecting. My meat thermometer went off so i had to grab it right fast. I was literally gone for less than 10 seconds. I even said BRB in activity feed and soon as i re-entered i said come get me. Yall weren't even close to killing me. Not sure why half of yall said whatever and left. Sorry life happens.

- Posted by SkizziK

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toad My name is Funny but this is hilarious.

When I saw that tank in the game I thought they wanted to cup it to taunt me.

That idea is so stupid, I would have never thought they were doing a false flag on an account with a completely different email, IP, and tank creation date.

"I know what will stop cheaters! More cheating!"

Funniest part is this happened when I haven't really been playing the tournaments so I CANT be the one dying.

- Posted by Funny

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I don't gotta say it again but I will for goods time sakes:

Stay seething
Stay crying
Stay getting Owned by the Greatest and Ghost of the Greatest.

Ghost of Chen (lmao the tank is even red)

- Posted by Funny


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toad ,
Cringe AF when some loser that buys tanks, cups, and awards comes out the woodwork talking about earning thing authentically on their own. Can't make this up. This frog wannabe actually thinks people respect him to come out and write a tldr message on the BB like the weasel he is. HAHAHAHAHA what homo.

- Posted by CRINGE AF