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Sorry MsJackson ,
You seem to have time to screw up the map with your base building for an hour at a time. How long does it take to make a lieu to rank? 15-20min? "why won't anyone shoot with my capt?!? why is nobody playing and I'm stuck bored building bases?!?!" Do you own a mirror? You might answer multiple questions for yourself if you do. You're welcome. :)

- Posted by Xiang queef

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Not fooling anybody one hit wussy. stay running you fat grease ball. should be the vaginlord Ive seen women with bigger sets of cojones than you have. if you can't 2v1 you marathon all night you fat loser scum bag. does mommy still hold your tinypp for you to go poddy like you need teammates to hold your hand for you to press space bar on your tank. someone get the fired security guard some testosterone replacement therapy I smell nothing but estrogen. sopping fat p$ssy

- Posted by run coward run

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Grapeshot man you got salty real fast and ran to your troll tank! Dont Cry



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hiddeN Agenda ,
LOL wait until you see that 80% of his cups or more are pph cups.

- Posted by Dont Cry

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hiddeN Agenda ,
being present for a kill and if you get lucky for the actual kill shot are two different things. Im well aware how to go for kills. I did rank. I was the one keeping you from dying 1v2 vs the sugar you killed and Devour lmao. the fuels I refered too were on a connected island. you did not need to port from where you died to reach them and they were in your scope.

- Posted by sure thing

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hiddeN Agenda ,
are you that slow? raid takes wasn't a reference to dying in a tournament. I mean I have less total tournament deaths than you have on that one tank. pph does win tournaments it always has since 20yrs ago. If you want to use 25man tourneys as an example and there are 3-5 captains you arent getting anything higher than bronze without pph. I really don't think my tournament prowess is the one needing to be evaluated especially by you. Make it above 20% death rate&come back @me

- Posted by sure thing

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hiddeN Agenda ,
Having good pph actually helps you get kills. If you dont have the pts when a lot of early deaths happen you miss kills or they dont matter or you dont have time for major. If you are low on the board you get targeted more which means you lose awareness for kills and may be forced away from or turned on during actual kill screens or chases. You cant over pursue because of the likeliness of being turned on. pph doesnt matter though. you right.

- Posted by sure thing

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hiddeN Agenda ,
You didnt die 1v3 from lag. You drove into a mine and got shot by all 3+ a bot they had on you but you win dude. you too good at this game for me. totally out classed in every single way. keep doing your thing champ.

- Posted by sure thing