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decreaser ,
not sure what you're worse at...playing the game or stats have been linked do you need glasses? people talk behind my back OH NO!! does that say more about them or me? 🤔😂 Think you're more Usain Bolt than MJ. Here's your put up now be a good liar and don't shut up (I know you're a little slow so be sure to remove the period in the word to use the links).

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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decreaser ,
You should compile all your BB posts to me from all your accounts and make a collage. You can use it as a backdrop for the shrine you've made me by your monitor, lubricant, basket of cucumbers, manual for rectal masochism and backstreet's back album. It's semi-flattering but more disturbing. Seek help, someone out there loves you.

- Posted by Doc Holiday


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JCSIII , Ignore smokescreen, he's a troll. Your stats were already on display and he's terrified of showing his because it would expose him for the fraud that he is. If you haven't already, you should join the Tankpit Discord and see what they say about him - it's HILARIOUS but also kind of sad.

- Posted by decreaser

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Smokescreen ,
Let's see your stats since you're so awesome.

- Posted by JCSIII