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wow was away for a while and man its dead everyone just going around finding bots ...give me a small towel boring play

- Posted by THE KID

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Lets be realistic here...the ego trips and bs play is what chases people away from the game..
😂 get a real hobby

- Posted by - Sun Spots -


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You have no idea lol try playing more instead of lurking and trolling and you might catch a clue. You’re more than welcome to get SW to verify any of these accusations even though “it’s not against the rules” it’s not happening except in your head. Most of my tourneys since July are https://youtube. com /playlist?list=PL_AGCwPiRGvlz0AQSV0JUZ1-qdSRmowPP There’s even audio…strange there are no voices coordinating 🤡

- Posted by Warmonger


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President McCool ,
The only mental gymnastics going on are in your head…talk about metldown. Like there’s some other guy using “greatest” anything in tank names. Btw you rank to lieu because it’s more pts shooting lieu vs lieu than serg vs serg not just for sugars. I’m sure you weren’t lotto either. Get help man. See a mental health physician. The troll who has a metldown when trolled.

- Posted by Definitive Edition

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dRiNkiNg tHe tEArS oF mY eNeMieS WiTh tHiS gOld cUp i wOn YAY!