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Sslump ,
you wouldn't have hardly any cups without fks put a sock in it with your endless babbling and alter egos

- Posted by shut up kayne

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Mood Swing ,
Ya ranked right after silver did since he was ahead. I was 2nd and took 1st without going to a corner to 1v1 it was nice watching you steal bots and eq falling to 5th? until you went 1v1 in a corner with alpha for however long. Tell us more how you've never sat serg and about that nephew of yours. Did he have fun sitting on a raft at serg waiting for your signal in case you got smoked as usual? Congrats on a cup you didn't have to FK for sonny. I had fun w/out winning crazy huh?

- Posted by Variable

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Pele Lol I didnt serg trick... and I was a lu.... guess i was spot on with that response being so angry. Wanting to PPH with one single tank an entire tourney is the most snowflake thing I've seen on here, so you can shove your snowflake comment in your sensitive vajajay.

- Posted by Karahan Tepe