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Hi my name is Steve Campbell. I am a very very old depressed man. I go by the name of coffee. I just need to vent. For the past 5 years I have become obsessed with a guy I love to call stud. He’s mean but I can’t help it I’m so obsessed with him. I have a lot going on in my life. My daughter hates me because I’m such a loser. My wife cheats on me for the same reason. As a boy people did mean things to me and I have lashed out on people out of the blue for no reason at all ever since.

- Posted by Steve Campbell

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Does anyone know if Ramiel is doing any contests? I really need to win my daughter another gift very badly. Alright guys, gotta go. My bum is very sore from more people being mean to me.

- Posted by Steve Campbell


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So the guy who would write long sermons about 'sugars' on Discord, expressing his frustration at being unable to cup (due to own lack of skill) when there were high turnout tourneys had to resort to getting his own brother to give him free kills so he could cup. Can't even fathom how pathetic you must be to do that lol. Probably realized he's just another pea in the noob pod, like I said he was. Warmonger @Greg House

- Posted by toad

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And to top it off, Warmonger and his bro Jaskier tried to frame Chen by making a fake Chen tank to give free kills. I mean, you have to be exceptionally stupid to think you'll get away with doing something like that lol. But then again, Warmonger @Greg House IS exceptionally stupid, so I guess he must have genuinely thought he'd get away with it. Croak!

- Posted by toad