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Xx-aLiCe-N-ChAiNs-xX , Warmonger , Jaskier ...You don't have anyone fooled here. Sharing tanks isn't going to throw anyone off from knowing who you are. Good job teaming up in tournaments to increase your pph as of late. I see both you guys nut hugging each other almost every tournament ever since you two got caught cheating. At least you guys got smarter in that aspect. Can't get stripped for coordinating with your brother while pphing, GG cheaters.

- Posted by Funny


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Definitive Edition ,
I only threw shade at the folks that were talking smack in the first place. That was twiz because he called me a female dog and anyone else in discord chat talking smack. You acting like I trolled them out of nowhere. Like i said, get off your high horse loser and quit with the mental gymnastics. Super cringe to claim that I was Greatest Edition when I wasn't just to make yourself look good. ROFL Jesus can't make this up.

- Posted by President McCool

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i hAd a 20 MiN fiLL aNd sTILL gOt 2nD pLaCe YAY!

- Posted by LOTTO

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LOTTO Serg tricked all tourny, fed free and easy points from Gree. Tagged your only teammate and sniped his partners, and still out played. Lol

- Posted by Serg Trick Ponies

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Xx-aLiCe-N-ChAiNs-xX ,
What's the benefit to ranking up to LT when no sugars around? Answer that before coming up with another straw man fallacy. oh and what was that about me not being good enough to cup without serg tricking...... 150+cups.... hbu?

- Posted by Vibes of Cosmos

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Definitive Edition ,
If we want to compare the achievements we accomplished in this game we can....I'd probably wiped the floor with you if we compared lol. I understand why you haven't revealed yet. I wouldn't too being in your place. Halloween isn't here just yet for you to be looking like a clown. ROFL. Nuff said. Enjoy these super low turnout tournaments. I know that's how you like them.

- Posted by Vibes of Cosmos

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Definitive Edition ,
Holy cow, you people need mental help in here. You and globe are both delusional. I couldn't find a solid partner at the end which caused me to fall back in points... it happens. Don't understand why you are picking on me when I didn't even say anything... all i did was make a similar name as you... yikes.

- Posted by Greatest Edition