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Boba Fett ,
"The Politics Of War Are Not As Black And White As I Once Thought They Were."

- Posted by Ahsoka Tano

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Trailer Park Trash Buddy, I think you have me mixed up with someone, I only very very Recently even returned to this game ( since making this account in 2015). And I was a heavy active player in the PB days. But I do believe you have me mixed up with someone bud. Duno who hayes is let alone meeting anyone. Getting to the point of being that aggressive on a game would be pathetic. I loved the PB days and do miss those boards back then and how everyone was so active. But yeah, you have me mixed up

- Posted by Wolv258


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Long time ago tournaments had 2 types.
1) Fill to 60-full then just duals and homers and ers until the last 10 minutes
2) Get to corporal immediately then fill
Anymore everyone just fills and then shoots and someone will fk..

- Posted by Bobby Lashley