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At this point, you might as well let the bots rank up to general. Maybe lieutenant bots chase people, captains are very elusive and chasy, majors and colonels team up to raid, and generals are almost impossible to kill. Might give this game a small boost for awhile

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WiCkEd WaYz ,
dude you take this serious? you need a life lol, but do not get me wrong i have waisted more then 1000hrs of my life to BF ... dont cry... bye

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Battlefield on Bonus back in, oh 2001, had tournaments that ranged from 5 to 12 minutes. Those could be fun to have. First cup I ever won, I logged in, it said "10 minutes left", I immediately went after red-2, got to sergeant, and time ran out. Won silver as a sergeant, #3 was a corporal. The next time one of those happened, I was filling, got the 10 minute notification like 5 minutes in, had a 6 minute fill, and hit lieutenant as time expired, won my first gold that way!

- Posted by orange-10