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Once Divided ,
There is no Dec 2022 tournament on this tank, additionally, seVer was not deleted; it was a name change you moron. Are you that stupid? Where are you getting Dec 2022 or 5 losses? If you click the tank and know how to read dates/calendars you can see the first cup won on it was March 12, 2022, now count back you will see 3 attempts before it was cupped. This is BASIC math, what has you so confused? You're telling other people they're embarrassing themselves? LMAO WOW

- Posted by Flawless Victory


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🤣🤣🤣🤣 good one
Have a nice night everyone!

- Posted by Once Divided

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😮 Look in the sky!
😯 It's a bird!
😲 It's a plane!
🖕....nah its just another salty 💩-head!
It's okay buddy, not everyone's meant to be a winner...better luck next time!

- Posted by Once Divided


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This was my second tournament ever and I haven't played this game since it was back on bonus dot com. Best way to practice for tournaments is to play them. I look forward to annoying you more in the future. :) All the best. ~xXDXx DEATH

- Posted by xXDXx DEATH

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Gungnir , I saw that. He landed on me for those maj pts and wasn’t expecting the 3 off screen shots. I’m sure he used shields but the next round was in the air. Very unlucky timing. What you saw is what happened. He came to me shooting and I shot back. He never moved or used shields he just shot back until his tank was dark. He gave me armor shields. No idea he was going to die but I wasn’t going to stop shooting. Nobody else would have.

- Posted by Equinox

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I don't think practice is the issue, the tank was made in 2014, doesn't take 9 years to figure out how to play TP. He's just one of the 2-3 trolls that routinely come into tournaments to die on purpose. Completely agree, ban em all!

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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No complaints about blue-9/battlezone? It’s only okay when they die to the same person over and over? Sucks everyone else has a chance at a kill every tourney, how unfair. They should all be banned. Obvious it’s the same people it’s been all year. Happy to see results that aren’t the same guy making capt 3x a week in a 6 lieu tourney. Keep up the good work guys!

- Posted by crying rock